Why Are Wooden Pins the Best Marketing Tool for Your Company?

Custom wooden pins are a fantastic way to advertise your company or brand because they are not only distinctive and memorable but also long-lasting and expertly made. 

These promotional items, which are made of natural materials like wood and may last a lot longer than lapel pins made of plastic or metal and are more resistant to the elements, are perfect to wear outside at networking events or trade shows or just out and about running errands.

How Do Custom Wooden Pin Badges?

Using wooden pins to promote your business, cause, or organization is a great idea. 

The logo, tagline, and color scheme of your business can be added to pin badges to create a distinctive item that people will want to wear while promoting your brand.

The best feature of wooden pins is that they can be personalized and are reasonably priced. You can save time and money by placing bulk orders because they are readily available.

Wooden pins are a great promotional item because they appeal to people who want practicality as well as people who enjoy collecting items with a creative flair. 

They are perfect for giveaways at trade shows or events, wonderful gifts, and so much more!


Wooden pins are a great way to advertise your business because they can be completely customized. 

You won’t have to worry about not finding what you’re looking for because there are so many different styles and forms to choose from when you order your pin. 

Additionally, the pins have a silky texture that makes them perfect for wearing on clothing or storing in luggage. 

They won’t break or scratch even on the busiest days at work because they are lightweight and durable. 

Last but not least, wooden pins are inexpensiveyou won’t pay more than $5 for one! No matter how many people walk by your booth, you can always give them a fair price for one of these stylish pins.

Promotional items are a great way to get your name out there when it comes to building brand loyalty or luring new customers. In actuality, custom pins work rather well in raising awareness of and sparking interest in your product. 

You’ll notice that wood pins badges stand out from the competition owing to their distinctive shape and feel if you use them to promote your business. 

Undoubtedly, someone will have one of these tiny items on their jacket or purse, and when they do, people will look at it more closely. 

Once people discover that the pin is actually selling anything, they’ll be considerably more interested in what is being offered (your brand, of course).

How Can Promotional Wooden Pins Be Made?

Pick a size and shape. You must select the size of your design after deciding on its shape. 

Measure the area that will be visible on both sides of the piece when making a square or rectangular pin badge. 

For instance, your dimensions should be 22 if you’re making a rectangle pin badge with two 11-inch pictures.

Make the art you want. Making the artwork for your wooden pin badges is the next stage. 

They can be created using whichever software or program you like and with whatever design elements work best for your brand and message. 

Consider the following factors when choosing materials and colors: – What colors match well with your logo?

  • What supplies are you planning to use? Since it gives pins more diversity and personality and increases their flexibility, wood is a constant favorite.
  • What equipment do you need? Different types of wood have unique qualities like color, patterning, grain type, and so forth.

Which printing techniques will deliver the best results for this particular project? You have a wide range of options when deciding which printing technique is best for your project, including screen printing and offset printing.

Send in your creations. After finishing your design, upload your file to our online order form so that we can inspect it before production starts!

How Do I Pick the Best Company for Badge Design?

Selecting the right company to design a badge is an important choice. Make sure the business you choose is reputable, offers a variety of services, and has a significant online presence. You should look for the following qualities in prospective businesses:

How much does it cost?

Depending on what you need done, prices can vary greatly, however some companies offer free quotes for specific services.

What turnaround times can you anticipate? 

Turnaround time is one of the most important elements to take into account when choosing the right badge size, shape, and style for your project.

Exists a warranty or guarantee? 

You might as well believe them since you’re going to pay money for these custom badges! 

Some people think that because inexpensive and expensive pins serve the same purpose, the price difference between them is irrelevant; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Cheap pins frequently feature plastic backing rather than metal backing and have swiftly fading designs, indicating that they won’t last very long. 

These premium wooden pins may initially seem more expensive, but when quality and longevity are taken into account, the price is actually quite affordable.

Final Words

For your business, wooden pins make great promotional items. They may be customized to meet your unique needs and are affordable and durable. 

They can also be given as gifts to close relatives, close friends, or devoted clients. There are an infinite number of designs available, so you won’t ever run out of options to pick from to discover the ideal one for your requirements biographypark.

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