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What Is a Lightbox in Photography?

When you’re shooting product images, a lightbox can be a helpful tool for creating an even and consistent lighting pattern. Its back corners are usually equipped with clips that will hold a backdrop, such as a white poster board, in place. Your subject will be placed inside the box, and it’s also important to consider the composition rules of a product photo. A lightbox will make it easier to frame your subjects and provide even lighting for your entire image. manytoons

A lightbox can be created by using a white poster rexdlcom  board or thick white paper. The paper should be wide enough to completely cover the lightbox, and twice as long on the top side. You want the paper to cover the entire interior without any creases, and it should extend over the sides, front, and back of the box. It should be as opaque and clean as possible, so that your subject can’t see the backdrop through the lightbox. manytoon

A lightbox can be useful in many ways, from displaying images to allowing people to vote on them. Users can rate the images by either clicking them on a star or by hovering over them. A user cannot un-rate or change a rated image once it is published, but they can change their rating while viewing singular images. Then, they can select the images they want to rate by clicking in the gray area. Once selected, an orange border will appear around the image. Users can also click the “RATE” button above a thumbnail to leave a comment. acmarketnet

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